Thursday, November 19, 2009

For all the single ladies

I've developed the perfect system for last names. A matriarchal line & a patriarchal line - everyone has two last names.

Ladies, you would have been born "You Middlename Yourmomsmaidenname Fatherslastname." Then you get married and become "You Middlename Yourmomsmaidenname Hislastname." Your husband would have been "Husband Middlename Hismomsmaidenname Hislastname" and after marriage would be "Husband Middlename Yourmomsmaidenname Hislastname.

The beautiful part is that you, the woman, are always filed under "Yourmomsmaidenname" and he is always filed under "Hislastname." Men are always filed under the patriarchal name, women under the matriarchal name.

You never have to wonder "Did I already change my name at the dentist's office?" It doesn't really matter. Plus, you will always share at least one name with both parents, because your parents would share the two last names of "Yourmomsmaidenname Fatherslastname." No more wondering who's related to who - it's all in the name. It is the perfect genealogical system.

Yes, life would be good.