Saturday, December 01, 2007

Little Coincidences

As I'm sure I have mentioned, the day job isn't so thrilling,
but I joined "linkedin" (social networking for
professionals) and it allows you to auto-connect to
anyone in your address book who is already in the
network. I went ahead and did that after randomly
stumbling onto the site the other day, and there were
many connections that had been neglected for a long
time that then got an auto-email from me.

One of those was a former donor to the ecocenter. He
now works for a company called principle energy. I
had discussed with him about a year ago the
possibility of doing some writing and web development
for the company, but nothing ever came of it. When he
got my linkedin connection, he wrote to me to say
he'd been busy traveling for the new job, but that
there was still opportunity to write/work for them,
and we are going to meet up in a couple weeks. So,
the reason I thought of you was that in addition to the
funny string of coincidences, the company (principle
energy) is also a biofuels company.

So, this is the only thing I found on "principle
energy." But I sang karaoke last night and the host
made up crazy biographies for everyone as he was
calling them up to sing. My story was that I was from
Mozambique (didn't speak English, and was singing
phonetically). Kinda funny, all the little
coincidences surrounding me these days. I finally
feel like I'm re-connected to the golden thread of